About us

REORG Válságkezelő és Felszámoló Kft., the legal predecessor of Felszámoló-REORG Zrt. was established in 1991, than in 2006 REORG Gazdasági és Pénzügyi Zrt. took possession of the company.

The company was privatised by the current owner in 2006 to ensure, that the liquidation proceedings could be conducted in a transparent manner in the future, and all the processes could be closed down taking into consideration the Creditors’ interests, the legal requirements and the punctuality.

Our company is committed to the fact, that the correct works of its liquidators and asset controllers could meet with the co-partners’ satisfaction.

There are 5 liquidators, 2 board certified lawyers, 2 auditors who are members of the Chamber of the Hungarian Auditors, 5 liquidation assistants and 1 administrative assistants operating in the office. Since the establishment of the company more than 2000 liquidation, voluntary dissolution, bankruptcies and property claims settlement have conducted, from which 600 processes are in progress commonly.